#2 It’s been over a year…


I totally didn’t post anything for more than a year because I just got busy with life.

Currently, we’re in the middle of a Pandemic and my future in college is in question, so that’s fun. My first year in college was wild, and just really fun. Met lots of people, had a lot of experiences and learned a lot!

I’m also now a moderator of r/UMassD and made a bunch of nice graphics and design stuff for it.

I also learned a lot of ‘secret’ UMassD history. I might consider posting about them soon or at some point, but I doubt anyone really reads this so this is purely just for record-keeping I guess. Feel free to reach out to me though!

Stay tuned!

#1 – Aloha UMassD!


This is my first-ever post. I thought of keeping this blog so I can document my life at UMassD and I really hope I follow through with this lmao

I’ll put up a more detailed ‘About me’ post later but for now, here are the basics:

I’m Anand “Kuro” Andengattil.

I’m a freshman international student (from India) majoring in Computer Engineering and hoping to have a great time at UMassD!

Random conversations, food, bad puns, art, anime, movies are right up my alley of interests.


As I’m typing this, I’m not even on campus yet haha, but I can’t wait to see what Uni life has in store for me! (fingers crossed)

Here are my socials:

Twitter: gattillynx

Instagram: gattillynx

Snapchat: gattillynx



Just another Computer Engineering Major. With a lot of interests including Robotics and Design.

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